About Us



ISAAC is an international network of Christians responding to the escalating problem of substance misuse and addiction. Founded in 1997, ISAAC is established as a Registered Charity in the United Kingdom.

The network consists of over 650 members in more than 70 countries. ISAAC Asia is a regional arm of ISAAC International.

ISAAC members work in: rehabilitation centres, street agencies, drop-in centres, church-based ministries, counselling services and prevention programmes.



CONNECT: ISAAC facilitates the development of peer support networks for people who are involved in addiction-related work, to encourage co-operation and the sharing of resources, training & expertise.

ENCOURAGE: ISAAC is about fostering relationships and collaboration across borders. We facilitate this through holding international and regional conferences and consultations. Major conferences: England 1999, Spain 2003, Egypt 2006, Holland 2007, and Malaysia 2010.

EQUIP: ISAAC Asia facilitates training in addiction-related issues in various locations such as China, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore, and Thailand.

Across the Asia region there is a mixture of small and large organisations finding creative ways of addressing the problems of abuse in their part of the world. These organisations may also find they are confronted with much broader problems to do with politics, religion or culture on top of the day to day work of assisting drug users to learn how to live a life free from drugs, and to make a positive contribution to their communities.

ISAAC Asia is committed to continuing the development of connections between these organisations as we believe we can always learn from and support one another.

The Need


The needs in the Asia region are immense. In this region we are developing connections from Pakistan to the Phillipines. From Mongolia to Australia.

Although drug & alcohol abuse can be seen right across the world we find that each region has specific issues associated with drug abuse.

In parts of Asia there is a strong connection between drug abuse and the sex industry, which also has links to people trafficking.

The number of people involved in the sex trade throughout Asia numbers into the hundreds of thousands, most of whom are using drugs, and all of whom are in danger from HIV/Aids.